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About India index


neoncarrot clickable travel map of India
Travel map of India
A clickable map of our trips around India, with links to galleries, articles etc.
map of Indian states, state capitals and major rivers
States map of India
A map outlining India, India's states, its state capitals and major rivers.
map of the kullu valley graphic
Kullu valley map
Map of the upper Kulu Valley with villages, rivers, mountains & some treks.
Himachal Pradesh district map graphic
Himachal map
Map of the North Indian state; Himachal Pradesh's towns, districts & rivers.

This & that

India in brief graphic - indian flag
India in brief
A short article on the basics of Indian politics, population & religion.
India news picks - newspaper graphic
India news picks
A selection of interesting or quirky India related news items from the web.
India glossary terms and expression graphic - chili
A glossary of some of the key Indian terms and expressions.
india books and movies graphic - books
Books & movies
Some quick reviews, divided by section: fiction, non-fiction books & films.


India stats, facts and figures graphic - sheep
Facts & figures
A range of statistics, facts and figures on India, from the trivial to the useful.
India telecommunication statistics - graphic mobile
Telecom & IT stats
Facts & figures on India's telecom industry: mobiles, phone lines & internet.
India crime stats - graphic, policemen on street
Crime & judicial stats
Various facts and figures on crime in India and some judicial data.
statistics on the Indian economy and employment in India - money graphic
Indian economy stats
Various stats, facts and figures on employment & economy in India.
India tourism stats - graphic tourists in airport
India tourism stats
Statistics, facts and figures on tourism, domestic and international, in India.
himachal pradesh stats - graphic
Himachal statistics
Various statistics, facts and figures on the state of Himachal Pradesh.
India health statistics - medicine graphic
Indian health stats
Some figures on HIV, TB etc and some misc health stats of India.
india election stats graphic - election campaign flags
India election stats
Some interesting figures from the 14th Lok Sabha election in India 2004.
india quick reference graphic - school kids
Quick Reference
A few basic stats about individual Indian states and India as a whole.

Festival & public holiday dates

Festival dates 2008
Calendar of festivals & Himachal & Indian bank / public holidays 2008
Festival dates 2007
Calendar of festivals & Himachali & Indian public and bank holidays 2007
Government or public holidays, bank holidays and festival dates and calendar 2006 in India - graphic candles for Diwali
Festival dates 2006
Festival calendar and list of HP and national bank holiday dates 2006.
Government or public holidays, bank holidays and festival dates 2005 in India - graphic Republic Day parade
Festival dates 2005
List of public holiday & festival dates 2005, national & for HP.
festival dates graphic - sparkler
Festival dates 2004
List of holiday & festival dates 2004, on a national or Himachal state level.


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 India blog 29 Sep 04
 Photo diary 24 Jan 09
 Brief India Stats
 capital: New Delhi
 population: 1.06 billion
 area: 3,166,414 sq km
 population density: 310 persons per sq km
 GNI (GNP): USD 470 per capita per year
 languages: 22 official + 1600 minor languages and dialects (dec 2003)
 number of states: 28 + 7 union territories
 religion: 80.5% Hindu, 13.4% Muslim, 2.3% Christian, 1.9% Sikh, 0.8% Buddhist, 0.4% Jain, 0.01% Zoroastrian, 1.3% other (2001)
 literacy rate: 64.8%
 gender ratio: 933 fem to 1000 male (2001)
 life expectancy: 61.5yr male; 62.7yr fem
 see full stats page
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