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home  > about india index > himachal pradesh statistics

Himachal Pradesh statistics, facts and figures

Following are various stats, facts and figures on the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh , picked out of newspapers (mainly Hindustan Times), magazines (mainly India Today), the BBC and various sources on the web. These figures are not meant to be comprehensive lists, but rather statistical trivia or factual snippets. For basic general facts and figures about India as well as several Indian states, please see the Quick Reference popups on the right hand side of this page, or go to the main page of India statistics, facts and figures . For a full list of links to our statistics pages, see the About India index or the bottom of the right navigation bar on this page.

The stats on this page are divided into following sections:
   Himachal Quick Reference stats
   Population in HP
   Stats on infrastucture in HP
   HP hydro-electric power figures
   Various facts & figures on Himachal Pradesh
   Animal related data
   Info on weather in Himachal

Lines marked with an asterisk (*) are recently added entries.

 Himachal quick reference stats
 name means: snowy mountain
 location: North West, Himalayas
 capital: Shimla
 population: 6.08 mil (2001)
 area: 55,673 sq km (appr 25% bigger than Switzerland)
 population density: 110 persons per sq km
 urban: less than 10%
 languages: Hindi, Pahari (incl 60 dialects)
 religion: 95.9% Hindu, 1.7% Muslim, 1.2% Buddhist (1991)
 literacy rate: 76.5% (male 85.3%, fem 67.4%) (2001)
 gender ratio: 968 fem to 1000 male (2001)
 child (0-6 yrs) gender ratio: 896 fem to 1000 male (2001)
 number of districts: 12
 number of villages: 20,118 (2001)
 highest point: 6726m (mountain Gaya)
 climate: temperate
 main income: tourism, agriculture
 main season: May - September
 tourist places: Manali, McLeod Ganj, Shimla, Kasol, Dharamshala
 statistics on population in Himachal Pradesh
 - population of the state: 6,077,900 [acc to census results; HT Feb 2004]
 - rural populace in HP: almost 89 percent [HT Feb 2004]
 - total Scheduled Caste population: 1,502,170 [HT Feb 2004]
 - total Scheduled Tribes population: 244,587 [HT Feb 2004]
 - total geographical area: 55,673 square km [HT Feb 2004]
 - literacy rate: 77.13 % (second to Kerala)
 - child sex ratio of 0-6 year olds acc to census data 2001 (numbers of females
   per 1000 males):
Himachal: 1991:951, 2001: 897 -- Spiti Valley in HP: 2001: 1009
 some stats on infrastructure in HP
 - non-electrified villages in HP: 173 identified by Government [May 2004]
 - number of water handpumps in HP: 13,180 (of which 585 are not functioning)
   [HT Jun 04]
 - metalled and all-weather roads in HP: 45 percent of the roads in the state
 - number of loss making bus routes run by HRTC in HP: 2,267 routes (total loss
   amounting to 618 million Rs, equiv to 12 million Euro;
   HRTC = Himachal Road Transport Corporation)) [HT Jun 04]
 - * monthly increase of mobile subscribers in HP (summer 2006): 7% [DNA Sep 06]
 - number of subscribers in HP to Airtel (the largest mobile service provider in HP):
   77,350 (feb 2004)
 - number of mobile connections in Shimla: 41,500 (feb 2004)
 - number of landline telephone connections in Shimla: 37,000 (feb 2004)
 - residents of Shimla who own a mobile phone: about 33 %
 HP hydro electric power figures
 - HP hydel power potential: 20,795 MW (2003)
 - power produced by hydro in HP: 4,242 MW (2003)
 - power potential of hydel projects currently under construction: 7,280 MW (2003)
 - construction of world's longest head race tunnel for hydro power generation:
   800 MW Parvati Hydel Project, 31 km tunnel (5.7 km tunneling work completed nov 2003)
 various facts and figures on Himachal Pradesh
 - cost of the "Himalayan Ski Village" project, near Manali, proposed by the
   American company Ford:
350-500 million US Dollar [The Tribune, Jan 2006]
 - number of village deities called upon by the local deity Jamlu to oppose the
   "Himalayan Ski Village" project:
365 devtas or village deities [The Tribune, Jan 2006]
 - number of shops pulled down in Vashisht village at the behest of the village deity,
   Vashisht Rishi:
a dozen shops (the shops were on land owned by the deity)
   [The Tribune, Jan 2006]
 - HP minimum wage: 65 Rupees per day (simple labourer)
 - number of small scale units producing ethnic clothing: 22,000
 - number of road accidents in 2003: 2,438
 - number of deaths caused by road accidents in 2003: 668
 - HP tree cover area: 37 % (12% of that protected)
 - forest cover spread over area of: 37,032 square km
 - area which is prone to forest fires: 8,267 square km
 - number of forest fires in HP with affected area: 2001/02: 301 (5,719 hectares)
   -- 2002/03: 282 (4,204 hectares) -- 2003/04: 550 (9,896 hectares)
 - species of flora and fauna in HP: 3,295
 some animal related data in HP
 - amount of fish killed in Rewalsar Lake during the Chehu Fair March 2004: about
   40 tonnes of fish (due to heavy pollution of the water caused by massive amounts
   of fish feed thrown into the lake by approx 50,000 devotees) [HT Mar 04]
 - number of goats to be sacrificed on the "Shand Mahayagya" festival at
about 800
 - results of leopard census in HP: 1984: 119 -- 1989: 533 -- 1997: 972
 - number of people killed by leopards in HP: 2003: 6
 - number of birds recorded at the 360 sq km area of Pong Dam lake (or
   Maharana Pratap Sagar):
over 220 bird species belonging to 54 families [HT Feb 04]
 - expected number of migratory birds at the Pong Dam lake for 2004: over 130,000
   [HT Feb 04]
 some info on weather in Himachal
 - amount of snow in Manali after 50 hours of snowfall: 1.2 metre (beginning of Feb 2004)
 - amount of snow in Solang after 50 hours of snowfall: 2 metre (beginning of Feb 2004)
 - maximum temperature in Shimla in February: 2004: 21.6 degree Celsius
   -- 2003:17 degree C -- 2002:17.7 degree C
 - temperatures in Shimla in the month of March: 1998: max 12.3 C, min 3.6 C
   -- 2000: max 15.4 C, min 3.9 C -- 2002: max 17.9 C, min7.4 C
   -- 2004: max 21.5 C, min 13.4 C
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