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home  > about india index > indian judicial & crime statistics

Judicial & crime statistics, facts and figures

Following are various stats, facts and figures on crime in India and judicial data , picked out of newspapers (mainly Hindustan Times), magazines (mainly India Today), the BBC and various sources on the web. These figures are not meant to be comprehensive lists, but rather statistical trivia or factual snippets. For basic general facts and figures about India as well as several Indian states, please see the Quick Reference popups on the right hand side of this page, or go to the main page of India statistics, facts and figures . For a full list of links to our statistics pages, see the About India index or the bottom of the right navigation bar on this page.

The stats on this page are divided into following sections:
   Stats on court cases, murder and jails in India
   Various crime statistics and data
   Crime in Government / corruption
   Facts on laws, sentences & Court rules
   "Missing person" tourist stats
   Data on crime against women
   Some crime statistics of Himachal Pradesh
   Stats on "Destroy Cannabis" operation in Malana Sep 2003 in HP

Lines marked with an asterisk (*) are recently added entries.

 stats on court cases, murder and jails in India
 - pending court cases country wide: more than 20 million (end of 2002)
 - persons in jail waiting for trial: over 1 million (end of 2002)
 - conviction rate of court cases: around 1 percent (according to Prem Shankar Jha)
 - number of murders in India between 1998 and 2000: 37,170
 - murders committed in Uttar Pradesh: 7,200 to 7,500 per year [HT Jun 04]
 - occupancy of Muzzafarnagar district jail in UP: 1,155 prisoners (oct 03)
 - capacity of Muzzafarnagar district jail in UP: 530 prisoners (oct 03)
 - number of prisoners jailed in 60 prisons in Uttar Pradesh: 50,939 (oct 03)
 various crime statistics and data
 - people who died instantly in Bhopal on 2-3 Dec 1984 from the Union Carbide gas
1,700 [HT May 04]
 - people who have died since Dec 1984 from after effects from the Union Carbide
   gas leak in Bhopal:
22,000 [HT May 04]
 - people who continue to suffer from varied diseases affecting respiratory,
   reproductive systems as a result of the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal:

   570,000 [HT May 04]
 - * number of persons reported missing in Nithari (impoverished area
   in Noida, Delhi):
41 within 2 years [REU Jan 07]
 - * number of cases of kidnapping, murder and rape registered by the CBI in
   Noida relating to suspected serial killers Moninder Singh Pandher and
   Surendra Koli:
19 (CBI: (Central Bureau of Investigation) [REU Jan 07]
 - * number of polythene bags containing body parts found in drains near the
40 [REU Jan 07]
 - number of policemen in Delhi: 59,077 [HT Jun 04]
 - number of finials missing at the Red Fort Delhi Gate: 10 (originals could fetch each
   about 33,600 Euro on black market)
 - drop in crime in Delhi Nov 2003 (compared to Nov 2002): murder: -36 % --
   robbery: -23 % -- extortion: -73 % -- rioting: -70 %
 - number of crimes in the Chambal ravines (UP) within past 5 years: approx 4,000
   kidnappings & 180 murders (The UP government has proposed to combat crimes and
   bandits in the Chambal ravines by setting up a 371 acre lion safari park with 5 lions to
   attract tourists) [BBC, Aug 2005]
 crime in Government / corruption
 - candidates facing criminal charges in the Oct 2004 Maharashtra election: 91 out
   of 163 Shiv Sena party candidates -- 45 out of 111 BJP candidates -- 31 out of 124
   Nationalist Congress party candidates -- 30 out of 157 Congress candidates [BBC Oct 04]
 - number of UP candidates with a criminal record who made it to the 14th Lok
at least 12 [HT May 04]
 - number of Uttar Pradesh's MLAs who have been through processes of the law
   reserved for criminals:
205 (of a total of 403 MLAs - Member of the Legislative
   Assembly) [HT beginning 2004]
 - amount of money taken by MPs in recent "cash for questions" scandal:
   232 - 10,000 US Dollars in bribes for asking questions in parliament [BBC, Dec 2005]
 - number of MPs suspended by India's main political parties for taking bribes,
   end 2005:
9 (Congress: 1 -- BJP: 5 -- BSP: 3) [BBC, Dec 2005]
 some facts on laws, sentences & Court rules
 - legal sentence for homosexuality: 10 years prison [BBC, Jan 2006]
 - age of the colonial Indian Penal Code dealing with homosexuality: 145 years
   [BBC, Jan 2006]
 - year in which a petition for legalising homosexuality was dismissed by the High
   Court in Delhi:
2004 [BBC, Jan 2006]
 - year in which the High Court in Delhi overturned the 1914 legislation and ruled
   that women should be allowed to serve alcohol in public:
2005 [BBC, Jan 2006]
 "missing person" tourist stats
 - number of registered "person gone missing" in the Kulu Valley (HP) since 1992: 15
 - estimated foreigners disappearance in the Kulu Valley (HP) for the past decade: 50
   (estimate by UK based pressure group Fair Trials Abroad)
 - "mysterious" tourist deaths in Goa (jan 2003 - apr 2004): 59
 data on crime against women
 - official punishment for sex selection (i.e. abortion if child is female): 3 years jail +
   50,000 Rupees fine (equiv to 960 Euro)
 - loss of female births within past 2 decades caused by abortion and sex selection:
   estimate of more than 10 million [BBC, Jan 2006]
 - annual 'girl deficit' due to prenatal sex selection and selective abortion: 500,000
   according to researchers for the Lancet Journal [BBC, Jan 2006]
 - rape cases pending in courts across the country: 56,000 [Oct 2003]
- * registered cases of rape in Delhi 2004: 550 [BBC, Aug 2005]
 - rape cases in Delhi 2002: convicted: 98 -- acquitted: 344
 - age of rape victims in Delhi: 75% are minors, and of those 25 % are below 12 years
 - registered cases of eve-teasing for Mar - Aug 2003 in Indian metropoles:
Delhi: 744
   -- Mumbai:27 -- Kolkata:30 -- Chennai:143
 - cases of rape for Mar - Aug 2003 in Indian metropoles: Delhi: 262 -- Mumbai: 40
   -- Kolkata: 18 -- Chennai: 21
 - officially recorded dowry deaths in major cities combined (Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta,
2002: 181 -- 2001: 121
 - cases of crimes against women registered with the police in Himachal Pradesh
920 (including 137 for rape, 138 for kidnap, 6 for dowry)
 - Haryana cost of buffalo: 18,000 - 24,000 Rs (approx 345 - 460 Euro)
 - Haryana cost of girl (human trafficking): 4000 Rs (approx 77 Euro)
 some crime statistics of Himachal Pradesh
 - number of cases of crime in HP from Apr 2003 to May 2004: 1,617 registered cases
 - top on the Human Rights violators' list in Himachal Pradesh: Police (HP Human
   Rights Commission received 148 complaints involving police, that is 43 percent of the
 - cases registered under the NDPS Act in HP: 2002: 312 -- 2003:310
   (NDPS: Narcotics, Drugs & Psychotropic Substances) [HT Mar 04]
 - amount of drugs recovered by police in HP: 2002: 720 kg charas, 35 kg opium
   -- 2003: 420 kg charas, 35 kg opium, 1.5 kg brown sugar
 - number of police personnel involved in the annual "Destroy Cannabis" operation
   in the village of Malana in HP Sep 2004:
team of 200 people from Narcotics Control
   Bureau, Kullu police and Home Guards [HT Sep 04]
 stats on "Destroy Cannabis" operation in Malana Sep 2003 in HP
 - cannabis growing area destroyed in Malana and surrounding: 1,100 bigha
   (1 hectare = 12 bigha)
 - duration of operation "Destroy Cannabis": 8 days (15 - 23 september)
 - number of police or soldiers or helpers: 250 or more
 - longest cannabis plant found: 15 feet 7 inches
 - possible production from destroyed area: 300 kg charas
 - area of destruction of cannabis fields in previous years: 1998: 939 bighas
   -- 1999: 224 bighas -- 2000: 1,200 bighas -- 2002: 676 bighas (1 hectare = 12 bigha)
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