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India links and resources

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We have another page for links to personal travel sites
A new photograpic site with portfolios of work covering; Indian landscapes, portraits and religious icons.(updated Dec 2004)
Photography covering the UK and India including landscape portrait and documentary work.
Brenner Bernhard
Pictures of indian festivals, landscapes, people and sadhus
Atul Sharma
A portfolio of this Indian photographers stylish and compelling work.
Images of India, Nepal, and Myanmar by Michael Abler (requires Flash)
India Resource Centre
Indian activist site, with a large section devoted to abuses & environmental damage by Multi National Coca Cola
Himalayan Affairs
Ongoing analysis, interviews & articles on the social political issues of Kashmir,Indo Pak relations and border tensions
 Indian cuisine
Numkitchen authentic Indian recipes
Excellent collection of authentic Indian recipes, cooking tips & food facts, plus an Indian festival calendar with free reminder service.
IndiaExpress recipes
A simple collection of veg & non-veg recipes for tasty Indian dishes, with categories for ingredients & specialty regional cuisine
Extensive site offering a mix of recipes and tips for Indian cooking, reviews of Indian cookbooks, a glossary and a global list of recommended restaurants
 India information & resources
CIA Factbook India
A good source of basic facts and figures on India - although "CIA" and "fact" seem a little out of place in the same sentence, given the agency's generally tenuous grasp of Iraq and the world outside the US
John the map
Excellent selection of detailed downloadable maps covering various areas and major resorts in Goa, marking popular restaurants, hotels and attractions
Visas 4 India
Clear, useful site containing almost every application form for Indian Embassies worldwide. You can even fill out the 'EasyFill Forms' on screen, instead of by hand. Completely free resource.
census india (home)
Statistics from the 1991 and 2001 census; (drop down menus don't work with all browsers).
census india
(1991 A-Z index)

1991 census results; A-Z subject index of the census data online.
Sarkaritel Info
sort of portal to different government sites, government info etc
 Maps of India
A wide range of maps of India, Indian states and Union Territories.
My-India Portal
A portal with search facility covering India specific web sites
 Parliament of India
Indian government site, offering info about government, constitution etc
BBC Hindu festivals
Listing of major Hindu festivals with good and extensive descriptions plus explanation.
Temple net
A surprisingly comprehensive listing of India's temples, with detailed background for the most important ones.
 India News sites
BBC online South Asia
Comprehensive and popup free coverage of the Major issues affecting South Asia, with a good spread of human interest stories
Hindustan Times online
Website of the english language Indian daily newspaper. Good independent commentary, but too keen on popups
The Hindu
India's most respected english langauge daily tends to provide far more depth to its articles than the increasingly celebrity obsessed opposition
India Today magazine
Rather smug weekly current affairs magazine, really the Indian equivalent to Time magazine, featuring articles on politics, film, media, sports etc
Indian news portal famous for uncovering high level government corruption in defence deals
Kerala next
The news section of this Indian portal site provides comprehensive India wide news, with fewer adverts than many India press sites.
The Telegraph - India
Website of the english language Indian daily newspaper
Google news
The best place to search for breaking news stories from thousands of sources
India news section of the webindia123 portal with extensive searchable archives
Times of India online
The print edition of this English language daily newspaper has recently suffered allegations of taking cash for editorial space. The site is rather heavy on popups,ads and celebrities.
The Deccan Herald
Karnataka based english language daily that's one of the better papers available in Goa. The site is a little less ad cluttered than some web editions of Indian papers
Keralans seem to have a knack of producing great news sites. NewKerala covers news on a wide variety of subjects, with easy loading pages and concise, well written stories.
Indian Express
Website of the English language Indian daily newspaper
Indian Railways
Check prices, timetables and, availability of seats. It's now possible to book online, with tickets for delivery or collection in Delhi
Indian Tourism authoriy
India's official government site for tourism in India offers a range of travel information and background on the country.
Outlook Traveller
The online edition of India's premier travel magazine, with featured destinations, maps and a guide to internal air fares
Travel Guide
Travellerspoint is a free worldwide travel community with tools and services to help travellers before, during and after their trip.
World Backpackers net
Not India specific, but lots of practical tips on Visas, gear, health and general preperation plus travel essays & a forum.
The Real Rajasthan
Comprehensive site on the 'Land of Princes', offering a range of info on less well known destinations as well as the old favourites
Travel Library
listings for worldwide india travel sites, including India, government sites etc
Google directory list for travelogs
A directory listing of India travel logs on google
Travelmart India
Frustrating to use travel site with moderately useful information - assuming you can find it!
 Forums - India / India travel
A well designed, independent india travel portal, with lively and useful forums Run by a frequent visitor to India.
The India Tree
The India Tree is a free forum for questions and answers on travel in India, plus photo galleries and a calendar of events
Travel articles plus online hotel bookings, realtime weather, India travel forums, India photo features, travel tips.
 Charities & NGOs
Lifebuilder Org
A non governmental organisation in the Punjab concerned with poverty and education.
SEWA organisation
Self Employed Women's Association, which helps poor and/or illiterate women to become more self-reliant
Children Walking Tall
A British charity helping street and slum children in Goa. They run schools in the slums and are opening a drop-in centre for children near Mapusa.
 Social cultural interest
MK Gandhi sarvodaya
One stop info site about Mahatma Gandhi, philosophy, biography, quotations, photos etc
Kamat's potpourri
The daddy of all India sites, self described as a "Hodge-podge of India's History, Culture, and Diversity"
Free Tibet
A non-governmental organization, based in the UK, giving info on current campaigns etc
Tibet Government in Exile
The official site for the Tibetan Government in exile, articles, info, speeches by the Dalai Lama etc
Sikh Wiki
Wiki with extensive background material on the Sikh religion and culture, plus a glossary of sikh related terms
Prabhir Ghose's blog
A quirky view of India, life and the latest India news from a Maharastra resident.
Nirali magazine
A non profit online magazine site for south asian women in the US. Well laid out with interesting articles and features.
Dandi salt march
Devoted to the 75th anniversary of Gandhi's 1930 march to Dandi, this site contains plenty of background, including photos, maps and details of the marchers.
Himachal Online
Regional info about HP, maps, statistics, discussion etc (mostly under construction)
Himachal Pradesh
Government site, info about Himachal Pradesh
An online showcase of books by author Nick Tebble, some with Indian themes. The site contains some sample chapters and news of future works.
Stanfords maps shop
London's greatest source for all kind of maps and travel guides, the shop is on Long Acre near Leicester Square tube.

Calcutta branch of the Indian Coffee House
coffee and other products

Cheap calls to India
Provides cheap phone calls to landlines or mobiles throughout India from any telephone in the UK without the need for a credit card.
Holy cow mania
Brilliant opening flash animation featuring Indian cows. Unbeatable entertainment
Durgapuja ecards
Nice collection of free ecards with Hindu God themes; Durga Puja ecards, Puja greeting cards etc
Holi ecards from
A collection of colourful Holi themed ecards from
Holi Gifts
Batchmates - Send Holi Gifts to India, Delivery in 24 hrs.
Send friends and family an e-card this Holi.
  Movies and music
Bollywood Music
Indian music, in Hindi or other Indian languages; anything from classical, Bhangra Rap to film music
Bollywood World
News about Hindi movies and their stars, movie soundtracks etc
Bollywood Premiere
Reviews of current Hindi movies, Indian music, Hindi movie and stars wallpaper etc
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 Weblog updates
 India blog 29 Sep 04
 Photo diary 24 Jan 09
 India Stats
 national country name: Bharat (Hindi)
 capital: New Delhi
 population: 1.06 billion
 area: 3,166,414 sq km (appr. equiv to Western Europe)
 population density: 310 persons per sq km
 urban: 26.8%
 rural: 73.2%
 GNI (GNP): USD 470 per capita per year
 highest point: 8598m (Kanchenjunga)
 languages: 22 official + 1600 minor languages and dialects (dec2003)
 national language: Hindi
 major languages: 40.2% Hindi; 8.3% Bengali; 7.9% Telugu (1991)
 number of states: 28 + 7 union territories
 money: Indian rupee
 time: GMT + 5,5 hours
 electricity: 240V, 50Hz
 government form: constitutional democracy
 government: Congress party led UPA coalition
 Prime Minister: Manmohan Singh
 President: Pratibha Patil
 religion: 80.5% Hindu, 13.4% Muslim, 2.3% Christian, 1.9% Sikh, 0.8% Buddhist, 0.4% Jain, 0.01% Zoroastrian, 1.3% other (2001)
 literacy rate: 64.8% (male 75.3; fem 53.7%) (2001)
 gender ratio: 933 fem to 1000 male (2001)
 child (0-6 yrs) gender ratio: 927 fem to 1000 male (2001)
 life expectancy: 61.5yr male; 62.7yr fem
 daily calories intake: 2,388 per capita
 see full stats page
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