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India photo diary - number 191 * 12 mar 2006
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photo blog of Indian life: view over snowy landscape and the Beas river from the bridge in Solang, Himachal Pradesh
© 2001-2009 neoncarrot    
Beas river at Solang Valley
* Taken: 14 mar 2003. View over (melting) snowy hills and the Beas river from the bridge in the Solang Valley. Usually a normal late winter scene for this part of the Kulu Valley, this year's (2006) views would be different - so we are told - as the weather has been fairly warm and the area is currently lashed with rain instead of snow. Solang Nullah, Himachal Pradesh.
For a textual listing of all photo diary entries please see following photo indexes:
index 01 (nov03 - may04) index 02 (may04 - oct04)
index 03 (nov04 - oct05) index 04 (nov05 - apr07)
index 05 (may07 - current)

The photo diary feature is a collection of occasional "found" images; a sort of photo blog or visual diary, recording some of the aspects of daily Indian life we've seen on our travels and of the village life around the upper Kulu Valley, where we spend much of our time. The photo journal will be irregularly updated as and when we have the images or inclination. The idea is to show pictures which are either topical and current or those which wouldn't fit into one of our photo galleries and wouldn't otherwise be shown, and to portray some of the small "snapshot" glimpses of everyday life in India.

Digital cameras can be a blessing and a curse when backpacking. They are ideal for quick throwaway snapshots that you wouldn't otherwise bother with shooting on film, but storing images can be problematic; flash cards or memory sticks fill up quickly (depending on camera resolution), and finding somewhere to offload all of your images and backing up to CD can be hard outside major towns. A larger storage device is a wise investment.

All of the photographs were captured using a rather ageing (in digital photography terms) Kodak DC240 digital stills camera (in an unappealing translucent Grape colour) with a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels, a 128 MB compact flash card, and an incredible appetite for AA batteries.

* Note: Picture dates... live photo blogs off the menu for a while.
We left India at the end of July 2004; the fun's over and we're in the UK for ... far too long. So a photo blog with "live" or current images of Manali or India is not terribly practical - although if anyone fancies funding a three year holiday, we're all ears. But we have plenty of our digi pics archived (around 17,000); so we'll add some of these from time to time.

The date at the top right of the page will be the date the image was added to the site (marked with an asterisk to show it is not "current"), with the date the picture was taken added to the start of the caption.

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